Kamis, 15 Agustus 2013

How Creative You Are

Hey Guys ^^
Happy Belated Day to Me......few days ago
Well, it's kinda too late to say Happy Aidil Fitri to all of muslims here.. Mohon maaf lahir dan batin y *sungkem*

Thank u SO MUCH, Kemal and Kanid, for the surprise gifts to us (me, icut n muti).
Let's check what we would found in this box :D
Kotak putih dengan kertas-kertas tak jelas bentuknya lol~
Each of us got the cool sticker hihihi~ Kemal and Kanid have it too. OC with our own name in it xD
RED CUP !!!! oh GOD, they know i love RED (and boy who love red as well) lol~ hey, it was my love *ehm*

These two gurl made two cute puzzle words.. Firstly i thought they printed out these photos on second-hand papers but WHAT I FOUND......puzzle words !!! 
We hve to arrange some words behind those photos then we found two paragraphs on two puzzles. One paragraph 'bout HoR fact n Diah fact, other one is Super Junior lyric song.
I found Kemal and Kanid wishes to me in the biggest photo. >//<


Note :
i dont believe your RULE, kemal !!!!


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